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Sarah parker

My name is  Sarah Parker 26 years old From Chicago IL. I m skin care specialist  ,i  love blogging about health problem and especially with the acne problem .I know what you feel when you have acne problem .

When I turned 18 I moved  to go to university. I was excited to start a new phase in my life and make new friends and be independent. I was also really hoping that I would have just grown out of my acne by that time, so you can imagine how depressed I was when it continued to follow me right into adulthood! I was pretty desperate to just get rid of it.

During this time I learned that spending money on doctors, dermatologists, and expensive acne products was really just leading me nowhere, leaving both my health and my bank account in worse shape then to begin with.So at the age of 20, after feeling very disillusioned with the medical community when it came to acne, I decided to take my health into my own hands and try and get to the root cause of my acne on my own and eventually cure it for good.

I spent many, many hours researching online and looking through books, and many late nights staying up searching through forums trying to find answers and asking people what had worked for them.It was pretty confusing and overwhelming at first, because each and every one of us is unique, and what might work for some, may not work for others.

Eventually after months and months of research and trial and error, I narrowed down the main root causes that seems to cause most acne, how to identify what’s causing a person’s acne, and what is the best solution for each root cause.However, I can tell you it definitely wasn’t as easy as slapping some benzoyl peroxide on my face or popping a pill. It required me to make some big changes in my diet, my exercise, my skin care routine, the quality of my skin care products, hormone checks, improving my emotional wellbeing, a pelvic scan, hormonal support, reducing stress, a change of attitude, and a new healthy, positive lifestyle.

The best way I can describe it is getting back a freedom that I deserve. Living for years with acne is like feeling trapped in your own skin. You end up feeling too down about yourself and self conscious to face the world, and trying your best to avoid people so you won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of them staring and judging you because of your acne.So I’ve made it my mission to help anyone who sufferers from acne to finally cure their acne and achieve permanently beautiful, clear skin because I’ve been there too and I know what it’s like.

To a Life without Acne

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